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  • Full Root access
  • Instant Deployment
  • SolusVM Control Panel
  • Easy API
  • Gigabit Port

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VZ-Bronze 1 vCPU 0.5 GB 30GB SATA 1TB @ 1Gbps $3.00/mth DEPLOY
VZ-Silver 2 vCPU 1 GB 60GB SATA 2TB @ 1Gbps $5.00/mth DEPLOY
VZ-Gold 2 vCPU 2 GB 100GB SATA 4TB @ 1Gbps $10.00/mth DEPLOY
VZ-Platinum 4 vCPU 4 GB 200GB SATA 4TB @ 1Gbps $20.00/mth DEPLOY
VZ-Diamond 8 vCPU 8 GB 400GB SATA 10TB @ 1Gbps $40.00/mth DEPLOY
SSD-Bronze 1 vCPU 0.5 GB 10GB SSD 1TB @ 1Gbps $3.00/mth DEPLOY
SSD-Silver 1 vCPU 1 GB 15GB SSD 2TB @ 1Gbps $5.00/mth DEPLOY
SSD-Gold 2 vCPU 2 GB 25GB SSD 4TB @ 1Gbps $10.00/mth DEPLOY
SSD-Platinum 4 vCPU 4 GB 40GB SSD 4TB @ 1Gbps $20.00/mth DEPLOY
SSD-Diamond 8 vCPU 8 GB 80GB SSD 10TB @ 1Gbps $40.00/mo DEPLOY

Included with every

Budget VPS Hosting Plan

Full Root Access

Full control over your enviroment with root access.

Easy API

Manage your VPS remotely with our powerful API.


Need a tunnel? No problem, Just enable TUN/TAP!

Fully Featured Control Panel

Stop, Start, or Reinstall your VPS at anytime.

24/7 Expert Support

Experienced specialists here for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Pure SSD

Enjoy blazing speeds 10x faster than traditional hard drives.

Fully Loaded Control Panel

Industry leading control panel software to give you full control over your server. With an extremely secure & user-friendly interface so you can easily monitor and manage your servers with ease.

We have a wide variety of operating systems available for you to install, if you don't see one listed just let us know!

  • Stop/Start/Reboot
  • Reinstall OS
  • Enable TUN/TAP
  • Set Reverse DNS
  • Network Graphs
  • Resource Statistics
  • Client API
  • Reset Root Password
frequently asked

question & answers!

Once payment is received by our system your VPS will be instantly provisioned and delivered to your via email.
For our budget virtual servers we use OpenVZ. If you would like a more isolated and dedicated solution, you should check out our Premium VPS Hosting which utilizes KVM.
Yes we do! Every virtual server comes equipped with the worlds most powerful control panel, SolusVM.
Yes! You can upgrade your plan or resources at anytime automatically through our billing system.

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