KVM Virtual Dedicated Servers

Ultra-Performance Virtual Dedicated Servers in 4 Locations

  • RAID10 Protection
  • Instant Deployment
  • 100% SSD
  • Custom ISO's

Business Class Hosting

Optimized KVM Dedicated Virtualization
HF-1 2 CPU 1 GB 30 GB 2000 GB $10/mth BUY NOW
HF-2 2 CPU 2 GB 40 GB 3000 GB $20/mth BUY NOW
HF-3 4 CPU 4 GB 60 GB 4000 GB $40/mth BUY NOW
HF-4 8 CPU 8 GB 80 GB 8000 GB $80/mth BUY NOW

Fully Loaded Control Panel

Industry leading control panel software to give you full control over your server. With an extremely secure & user-friendly interface so you can easily monitor and manage your servers with ease.

We have a wide variety of operating systems available for you to install, if you don't see one listed just let us know!

  • Stop/Start/Reboot
  • Reinstall OS
  • Enable TUN/TAP
  • Set Reverse DNS
  • Network Graphs
  • Resource Statistics
  • Client API
  • Reset Root Password

Included with every

VPS Hosting Plan

Full Root Access

You will receive full root access to your VPS.

100% Genuine SSD Storage

10x faster than traditional SATA storage.


Enable/Disable TUN/TAP in our control panel.

Fully Featured Control Panel

Reinstall, Restart, or Stop your VPS at anytime plus so much more.

24/7 Expert Support

Experienced specialists here for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Pure SSD

Enjoy blazing speeds 10x faster than traditional hard drives.

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